Mophie Battery For Galaxy S5 Seems Doomed To Fail

That's a lot of added height just to save carrying
an extra battery with you.
This is the new Mophie Juice battery pack for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Modeled along the same lines as the iPhone version the premise is simple, put your GS5 into the battery jacket and enjoy a significantly improved battery life.

There are just two problems.

Firstly, the GS5 has epic battery life already - an easy day and a half to two days without any power saving shenanigans - and as we've seen from Samsung's clever advertising, in a pinch you can stretch out that longevity to three, four or even five days without too much trouble. There just doesn't seem to be a great number of people for whom this won't be enough to form a large enough market for Mophie.

Secondly, and more terminally for the Mophie product, the GS5 has a replaceable battery. And Samsung sell a very nice second battery kit for the GS5, which adds the second battery, a very nice charging dock and a carry case to keep the battery in when you're toting it around. That battery and case are tiny and weigh next to nothing.

In comparison, when the Mophie battery pack is installed on the GS5 it looks like the bastard child of
But it's the depth that really suffers.
a GS5 and a not so small pachyderm. It's big, thick and quite heavy. And did I mention it looks awful. The only compensation being that you can charge the GS5 and the Mophie through a single power source.

The Mophie has been a success for the iPhone because of the limitations of Apple's devices. To wit, sketchy battery life and a non-removable battery.

As the GS5 suffers from neither of these problems Mophie's solution seems somewhat superfluous to me. Especially when, at US$99.95 it costs more than twice as much as Samsung's official (and far superior) extra battery kit.


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