iPhone 6 Camera Is Leon Trotsky

Camera? What camera?

Drawing a parallel between one of history's most infamous communist leaders and possibly its greatest capitalist success story is a bit random, even for this blog, however the facts back the supposition.

Observe the photo on the left. It's the new iPhone 6 in profile, taken from the Apple website. Notice anything missing? Yes, the camera 'hump' has been erased from the image.

Is this a sign that Apple is embarrassed about such a clunky item spoiling the svelte lines of Jonny Ives new opus? Perhaps Apple doesn't want to advertise that the iPhone 6 won't sit flat on your desk, as the 4 and 5 did, thanks to their projection free back side?

Trotsky was removed from this image as part of a campaign
to Stalin-ise the Russian Revolution.
Either way the camera hump is gone, erased from history. A similar thing famously happened to a certain Leon Trotsky, famously removed from photographs by the Soviet Union, after failing to prevent the rise of Stalin to power in the 1920s. The parallels are obvious.

And of course, if the iPhone's new camera is Leon Trotsky, that would make Apple... Josef Stalin! Watch out for the Great Purge 4" iPhones, they're coming for you...


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