iOS 8 Bug Fix Kills Mobile Service, Touch ID - Do Not Install

Apple may have the slickest mobile OS upgrade solution, but it's far from being perfect, but usually users have post-upgrade problems are in the minority. However the first iOS 8 bug fix release has caused the wires to go crazy as more and more people share the news that it kills both mobile phone service and the Touch ID sensor.

Some anti-Apple users and websites might see this as an opportunity to gloat - and Apple's frequently holier than thou attitude does invite this sort of response. But let's remember that people are paying very good money for a level of service that Apple isn't delivering right now.

Fortunately the fix seems to be relatively easy - if not completely pain free - restoring from an iTunes backup. Hopefully no-one will be trying to restore from an iCloud backup, given how poor that service is proving, and Apple has pulled the update so no more user should be suffering.

Its been a middling week for Apple so far - good sales numbers first, then the bent iPhone complaints and now a bungled upgrade.

Not normal service by any stretch of the imagination,


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