If You Have To Have A Case Why Bother With A Metal Shell

It's not a good look is it? 
What's the most common complaint that you've heard about Samsung's phones? I'm willing to guess that the plastic body is high up on the list.

What's the common theme coming from the early reviews of the iPhone 6? That it has to be wrapped in a case, either because it's slippery to hold or because the camera bump makes it unstable when laid flat, or more likely, both.

Now I can't tell whether these are valid criticisms or not until I've had my hands on with one - but based on the number of reliable sources that make them I'd say the likelihood is high that they are correct.  Yet none of the reviewers I've read appear to feel this is a negative point.

Sorry, but if you're happy to wrap your iPhone in a cheap gel case, as at least one prominent journalist has done, why have you spent so long banging on about the quality of Samsung's materials.

As you know, I really dislike putting a case on my phone, whatever it may be. So if the iPhone 6 makes this a necessity it may be enough to prevent me from upgrading.


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