Don't Get Too Excited About The iPhone's NFC, You Can't Actually Use It

NFC, useful for automation and simplifying connectivity,
but apparently not on the new iPhone 6.
Apple has famously been less than impressed with NFC in the past, so it's addition to the iPhone 6 is something of a turnaround. The prospect of using NFC tags to bring a degree of automation to the iPhone is something to get excited about, but as of now you can forget that - NFC in the iPhone is for Apple Pay and Apple Pay only. Which means that for around 90% of new iPhone buyers it's a complete waste of curcuitry.

If Apple is able to globalise its Pay service quickly (and it's underpinning Visa Tokens technology should allow that) then NFC should prove to be a worthy addition to the iPhone's hardware. Otherwise I'm going to chalk it up as a major disappointment.

As third-parties apps won't be able to access the NFC hardware there's a whole truckload of clever application developers kicking their dev machines right now. Although if the TouchID experience is anything to go by, NFC functionality may be something that Apple allows access to sometime in the future.


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