Carphone Warehouse Wins Unboxing Forever, Xperia Z3 Wins Everything Else

Despite problems in selling enough of them, it's apparent that the Xperia Z range of smartphones is top drawer when it comes to the smartphone qualities that most people value. Packing premium build quality, waterproofing, the best smartphone camera and powerhouse performance, in my view it bests anything else out there.

The recent announcement of the latest Z - the Z3 - seems to have made an impact as well. It's battery life has been measured at between 30-50% longer than the next best smartphone out there, it's stereo speakers and screen improved; and tweaks to the construction; together all add up to an even more desirable device.

Now the Z3 is arriving in retailers and Carphone Warehouse has decided to take a slightly different tack with their unboxing video.

An underwater one.

Epic. Decision. Epic. Video.

Watch out especially for the stunning underwater photos towards the end of the video.