Blackberry Passport Looks Intriguing, Is It Enough To Halt The Decline?

That's a 4.5" square screen, making for an
insanely wide device
Blackberry has been rapidly falling off the smartphone radar in recent years, with dismal sales and financial performance signalling real issues for the Canadian OEM.

However, by going right over to left field it looks like they've managed to come up with a device which is intriguing and certainly worth a look at when it arrives: the square-screened Passport.

As well as the promise of wide screen viewing (whichever way you hold the phone) there's trackpad functionality built into the keyboard (useful for when you need to use it one handed) and an Apple Continuity style service for handing services off to your desktop which will best Apple by being cross-platform.

Android app support and a pre-installed Amazon App Store should mean plenty of applications too. So functionally it's looking promising.

Bear with me on this one, I know that one look at the photos will tell you that's a visual aberration, but Engadget's Brad Molen has spent some time with one, and his initial experience would seem to suggest that Blackberry may just have re-discovered its mojo in this weird wide device.

That form factor is starting to look quite clever isn't it?

There's no guarantee that a fuller test will prove as positive, but I will certainly be keeping an eye on how this relationship develops, and will be keen to get my hands on a Passport when it does arrive in New Zealand - something I've never said about a Blackberry device before.


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