Big Surprise: Aluminium Bends, So Does The iPhone 6

The thing with metal is it bends, and if you bend it far enough it deforms, never returning to its original shape. The iPhone 6 is made of aluminium and if you don't look after it you will end up with a bent phone.

There have been quite a few images appearing of new iPhones bent out of shape - with many claiming that this has happened through normal activity. But don't try and paint this as a scandal of Apple's making, the reason that the new iPhone is bending is not a result of a manufacturing fault, rather it's down to user behaviour.

Aside from the fact that previous iPhones have also suffered from this malaise, it's likely that the problem has been happening mostly to upgrading iPhone users. Even the smaller iPhone 6 is a lot bigger than the iPhone 5 and will be more likely to be put under pressure when you sit on it - especially for those who carry theirs in a back pocket.

The iPhone 6 is thinner and longer than previous models, so the likelihood of it bending is significantly higher. Those coming from larger Android phones have likely already moderated their behaviour to prevent this happening.

iPhone 6 (and especially 6 Plus owners) for whom this is their first big phone, are going to have to learn that a bigger phone needs to be treated differently from a small one.

It's not a failing of Apple's making, but I suspect those users who learn this lesson the hard way won't see it that way.


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