Apple Hubris: The Thing That Pervades Everything It Does

So what's your favourite Apple U-turn? The arrival of 3G? Applications on the iPhone? How about the smaller tablet. Or maybe it's the bigger iPhones that launched this week.

Apple has a long and storied history of pulling a 180 on something previously derided as being completely pointless, unusable or unsellable. Remember Steve Jobs hitting on the Galaxy Tab or the Galaxy Note?

For the whole life of the iPhone Apple has insisted that a device that can be used one-handed was the right choice and bigger phones weren't needed or wanted by its customers. This week it announced a pair of bigger iPhones in large (4.7") and extra-large (5.5") varieties. What it didn't announce was a replacement for the iPhone 5S - a 4" iPhone 6. Why? If Apple has been so convinced that it's customers wanted the ability to use a phone one-handed why then cut them off completely from the new capabilities built in to the iPhone 6?

It makes no sense. And I'm not entirely sure what it says about Apple's own perception of its customers. There's not even been a Orwellian re-writing of history, Apple just completely ignored all of the historical arguments it has been making and flip-flopped into another place.

The contrast between these two videos is immense. The first ad is clever and makes a point well. The second isn't and doesn't. Hubris? You better believe it.


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