Xbox One Getting Freeview Dongle

Microsoft went big on positioning the Xbox One as the centre of your home entertainment experience when it launched last year - and for users in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain that experience promises to get a lot better with the launch of a Freeview dongle especially for the Xbox.

The dongle will plug into a USB port and allow the TV service to be more tightly integrated with the Xbox One dashboard, making use of the power of Kinect and voice control without the clumsy IR control that until now blunted the service.

The dongle will cost £24.99/€29.99 and from Microsoft's details page here it sounds like availability is imminent.

For dedicated gamers this isn't going to swing the choice hugely in favour of the Xbox over the PS4, but for those who see the console as being more than just a games machine and more of a family device this might just be enough to tip the balance in Microsoft's favour.

No word on when the dongle will be available in other countries with the Freeview service, but given that Microsoft were pretty quick to widen availability of the console itself, it probably isn't too far off.


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