Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Rolls Out - Adds New OEM Tricks

HTC's Windows Phone version of
the One will probably launch with Update 1
A bit earlier than expected Microsoft rolled out Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to phones registered in the WP Developer Program. There are a few niceties included - Live Folders in the home screen which open a mini app drawer, rather than jumping to a separate folder screen - being the most visible.

However there are a few under the skin updates which sound very promising for future Windows Phone devices, even if they bear no relevance to currently available devices on the market.

Foremost amongst them is the support for smart devices - and I'm expecting this to mean smartwatches, given that they are the current bandwagon rolling through technology central. The ability to add and manage notifications on devices points to the imminent arrival of a Microsoft powered smartwatch, more than likely just ahead of the holiday season.

Another new component relates to a leak which occurred yesterday. The imminent launch of a Windows Phone powered version of HTC's One M8 was let slip by a US carrier, and further confirmed by an event invite from HTC which went out to prominent Windows bloggers around the US. The One M8 uses an innovative smart cover which allows information to be displayed through it in a dot matrix style reminiscent of the early '80s. Update 1 supports the use of smart covers, suggesting that the new HTC phone will launch with both Update 1 and a functional smart cover. With rumours of a HTC smartwatch also rife, potentially the Taiwan company could go for a triple hitter and launch the phone, cover and watch together...


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