Surface Pro 3 Ad Attacks MacBook Air - Weakly

Microsoft's advertising is the very definition of inconsistent. Even when it gets a good theme going it often manages to put together weak campaigns that demonstrate weak understanding of why they work.

For example, the Windows 8 tablet adds that target the iPad are funny and target weaknesses in the iPad to score points.

This new ad for the Surface Pro 3 targets the MacBook Air in a similar way and flops completely.

Have you even seen the 'Stickers' ad for the MacBook Air Microsoft? That might not focus on the product but it delivers a message about the way that people feel about their MacBook Air. It's fun, it's cool and most of all it's mine.

This ad comes across like your great-uncle trying to tell you why his 1998 Toyota station wagon is capable of so much more than your flashy Alfa Romeo sportscar. No one cares.

If this is Microsoft's best shot for marketing the SP3 then they may as well pack up and go home.


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