RIP Robin Williams - A Lifetime of Laughter

In life we learn to lose out heroes - actors, sportsmen, politicians - and whilst we mourn them, it is for our comedians that we reserve our grief. We may never have known them, but the laughter that they brought us impacts our lives in ways that become treasured possessions.

For me Robin Williams was the greatest, the funniest of them all. That so much of his material was improvised on set makes it even more special.

Williams proved to be an accomplished serious actor as well but from Mork and Mindy in the mid-eighties and onwards through film, stand-up and guest appearances that left talk show hosts bemused, it was  the lifetime of laughter he brought us that stands out and his loss will leave a gap that can't be filled.

This clip, from the very first Mork & Mindy is uniquely Williams.


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