Murder On The Racetrack? Tony Stewart Runs Down, Kills Competitor

Kevin Ward Jr. DOA at hospital
Twenty-year-old Sprint car racer Kevin Ward Jr. has died following the result of a shocking incident at a minor Sprint cup race in New York. Following a collision with NASCAR racer Tony Stewart, which eliminated him from the race, Ward climbed from his car and walked across the track to remonstrate with Stewart who was still lapping under yellow caution flags. Video evidence isn't entirely reliable but it appears that as he came past Ward, Stewart accelerated violently, causing the rear of his car to fishtail. Ward was caught by the rear tyre, his body wrapping around it, before being dragged for a short distance and then fired out from under the car.

Ward was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

For some drivers there would be significant doubt in the intentions here, but Stewart's past record of fights with other drivers is well known. No question that Ward was wrong to cross the track to remonstrate with Stewart - but it's certainly not a mistake that should be punished by death.

I hope this proves to be a terrible accident, rather than the result of a driver losing his temper behind the wheel.

Whatever the truth, this remains a dark day for motorsport - American motorsport in particular. NASCAR is renowned for drivers ending up in altercations after incidents.

Time for the authorities to intervene, one senseless death is one too many.


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