Let Me Make The Notification Centre My iPhone Homepage

This is the page I'd like to see whenever
I press my Home button.
In iOS 7 Apple made a major change to the way that the iPhone's Notification Centre worked, adding a Today page which showed weather and event information. In iOS 8 it will gain actionable items - you'll be able to respond directly to Tweets, Messages and Emails, without opening an application.

That's great, even more so that developers can hook their apps into the new capability too.

Which leaves one request: let me make the Notification Centre my home screen, popping up whenever I press the home key.

This would very much improve the utility of my iPhone and would be incredibly simple for Apple to do. Putting the Notification Centre front and centre of the iPhone surfaces pertinent information much more quickly. So a press of the home button could go directly to the Today page and then another press of the home button from anywhere within the Notification Centre taking the user to the applications page.

Of course not everybody will like this change, which is why I'd like to see Apple make it optional behaviour rather than default. Just so long as Apple makes it happen I'll be delighted.


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