Is This The Last Nokia Phone Ever?

This the Nokia 130, a very basic phone which has no camera and doesn't even support internet access. The phone does have a micro SD card slot and can be used for music and video. This is a phone which strips basic to the very, erm... basics.

What it does do though, is stretch out a single battery charge forever. Nokia claims that when listening to music the battery is powerful enough to keep pumping out the tunes for 46 hours. Talktime is rated at 13 hours and standby a whopping 36 days.

Sounds like an ideal device to throw in as a backup somewhere just in case. Especially at a price of €19.

The important thing about the 130 is not it's longevity, capability or price. It's the Nokia badge on the front. This may the last phone to wear that badge - thirty years after the first one was launched.

Whilst there are potentially a few more smartphones coming with Nokia Lumia badging (before Microsoft branding takes over) this phone really marks the end of an era. Nokia dominated mobile phone sales for decades and but for its failure to react to the launch of the iPhone seven years ago, could probably still be doing so.


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