iPhone Advert Focuses On The Outliers, Works Well

Apple continues its marketing push focusing on what customers are doing with their hardware. After the somewhat underwhelming 'Stickers' ad for the Macbook Air, which didn't really say much (to me anyway) the follow up 'Dreams' ad for the iPhone is much stronger.

It's interesting to note that this ad (perhaps unintentionally) centres around an iPhone weakness which turns out to be an ecosystem strength. Whereas other phones can do some pretty impressive stuff straight out of the box (and other OEMs make this the centrepiece of their advertising) the iPhone is much less capable. It's the add-ons and third party software that make the iPhone such a compelling device.

The tools and use cases presented here are probably used by less than a hundreth of one per cent of iPhone owners, yet presented in this way they make the point very well.


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