If Pay-as-you go Charging Sounds Like A Good Idea You Have The Wrong Phone

Doblet offers a solution to battery life that is expensive
and look ridiculous.
Techcrunch is reporting that Doblet, a new pay-as-you-go and subscription based charging service is due to launch after receiving funding from Y-combinator.

The company is planning to put battery backpacks into a range of public locations, searchable with an on-device app. When your battery is running low you find your nearest location, pick up a battery and plug it into your phone for a quick recharge. The service will support both iPhones with the newer Lightning connecter and Android phones using micro-USB. Other devices won't be able to use the service because the charger needs to paid for through the app. I'm not sure if this indicates some form of control in the app which prevents the charger from supplying the juice when used with a Windows Phone or Blackberry though.

Of course the whole idea that someone couldn't get through to the end of the day on their phone's battery is ridiculous. I guess the fact that the service is launching in San Francisco speaks volumes for the sort of user they are targeting - the city is practically home turf for Apple and iPhones outnumber all other phones there. And we all know how flakey the iPhone's battery can be.

Still it bemuses me that users are prepared to pay extra for a service which addresses such an easily avoided problem. Whilst several other manufacturers are looking at ways of stretching their devices off-grid availability to three or more days, Apple continues to prioritise device thickness over battery size. Resulting in a beautifully put together, Apple branded paperweight halfway through the day.

As a result I can see that Doblet will probably do well once it expands its operations out beyond the three launch locations. Until that happens I'll just point you in the direction of this Samsung ad, whose point is very much proved by the launch of this service...


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