Huawei CEO Talks Down Tizen, Windows Phone, Sees An Android Future

Huawei's growth has been driven by delivering premium
feel handsets at mid-range prices.
Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei has poured cold water on the hopes of Tizen and Windows Phone in an interview with the WSJ, saying that he doesn't see a future for them. Firefox OS didn't escape the commentary either, no surprise that Yu doesn't rate that either.

Tizen hasn't had the greatest gestation period and it isn't the greatest leap to see a difficult future for the Samsung backed platform. Yu's words might cause a little more concern at Microsoft, Huawei having been one of the OEMs that have struck with Windows Phone over the last couple of years. Yu's thoughts that Microsoft's platform is a tough sell isn't going to make great reading in Redmond.

Yu's comments are noteworthy given that Huawei now sits as number three OEM behind Samsung and Apple and at its current rate of growth looking to pass Apple for number two within the next twelve months.

Yu does identify some concerns with having to rely on Android, however I'm sure the recent announcement that the Chinese government is sourcing its own desktop and mobile platforms to reduce reliance on the rest will ease some of those worries.


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