Galaxy Note 4 Leaks Show New Design Direction For Samsung

GSM Arena has managed to obtain what looks like a production-ready Galaxy Note 4, ahead of the device's launch in three weeks time. This article has photos of a much sharper looking device with a rather nice looking 'leather' back panel.

Of course from looking at the photos we can't tell what the material will be - it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that the back panel is plastic embossed to look like leather.

Either way, the overall shape and aesthetics of the new Note look like a signpost to a new generation of Samsung devices. Whether this is also a sign of Samsung looking to move upmarket is open to debate, but given the way that sales and profits are sliding a move to a more premium phone which will command a higher selling price has to be at least one of the strategies the Korean company is pursuing.

Official launch date for the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be September 3rd.