Formula E: Pit Stops Looking A Bit Wacky Races

Formula E cars don't have the battery life to last a full race, as a result the drivers will have to undertake two car swaps. That's not a great advert for battery technology and now that we have a video of the process for a car swap I'm inclined to say that it isn't a particularly safe or elegant process either.

This Instagram video shows Nelsinho Piquet (yes, him of Crashgate infamy) practising a car swap and I can't see how this can be considered an acceptable solution.

In endurance racing when driver swaps are undertaken it's usually in conjunction with a fuel and tyre stop - as a result the driver change isn't undertaken under time pressure. For Formula E this won't be the case and the likelihood that under race pressure - with wind or championships on the line - drivers and teams may fail to complete the necessary buckling up and HANS attachment in the rush to save tenths of seconds on the pitstop.

Whilst battery swaps appear to be an impossibility for the moment, there has to be a better way than this.