Formula E Can Take On F1 - If They Do Something About The Noise

In this video Formula E development driver Lucas di Grassi laps Donnington Park with a GoPro camera strapped to his visor. It's a unique insight into the racing driver's world when he's behind the wheel.

The video clearly demonstrates that Formula E offers plenty of potential to become the leading racing category, however the sound is awful. In this case the wind noise and tyre shriek are all that you can hear. With so many complaints about how current F1 hybrid-turbo cars sound this isn't likely to prove popular with fans.

What's the alternative? How about adding a sci-fi style woosh sound, as used in countless video games and movies? The addition of a speaker to generate the sounds at enough volume to make it audible to spectators may reduce the overall range of the racer, but will be well worth adding for the entertainment value...


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