For Most OEMs Windows Phone Is Now Cheaper Than Android

One of the changes that Microsoft implemented following its acquisition of Nokia was a change to the licensing terms for OEMs. Right now there's no charge for installing Windows Phone into a device.

You might think that this is also the case for Android, but for most OEMs this isn't the case for two reasons.

Firstly, Google's Mobile Services, which include the Play Store and Gmail, are licensed software, and secondly, many OEMs are also paying a licence fee for Microsoft patents which are infringed as a result of a base Android install.

As a result it now costs more to build an Android handset than a Windows one.

Considered together with Microsoft's move to make Windows Phone run on Android hardware it makes for a clever play on Microsoft's part.

The number of recent announcements regarding Windows Phone licensing deals shows that this strategy is working for Microsoft, at least in terms of getting OEMs on board.

Whether that works to increase the number of end users is another question. But a wider choice of handsets on the shelf is a great start in getting Windows Phone into users hands.


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