Carrier Appstores - Verizon Wants Some App Action

Ever since Apple turned application code into gold with the launch of the iTunes App Store the mobile carriers and OEMs have coveted a piece of that very profitable pie.

Only Amazon have managed to get anything like a foothold on the app market, with its Android store getting onto a good number of devices in competition with Google Play.

Now Verizon is looking at doing the same - although its intention is to deliver a global carrier app store, by working with other wireless carriers around the world.

There are just two problems though. One, it will only ever be able to get its app store onto Android phones and two, it will always have to play second fiddle to Google Play, unless it works with OEMs to build AOSP devices which don't get Google Play, or any of the other Google apps that are the main selling point for Android.

This would only be a success of the Verizon App Store offered benefits when compared with Google Play. There's nothing to suggest that Verizon or indeed any other carrier could manage to offer that.

For the carriers there's only one way that they can gain a foothold in the mobile app market. Come to an arrangement with Microsoft over the monetization of the Windows Phone Store, fill their catalogues and stores with Windows Phones; and then get their reps to push them like never before.

And even that strikes me as an incredibly long shot.


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