Apple Expecting A Biq Quarter - Record iPhone Sales or A Smartwatch?

Amongst the generally good news for Apple investors when Apple published its Q3 results was an interesting piece of forward looking guidance, which points the way to Apple's activities between now and the end of September.

Apple projected revenues between $37 and $40bn. Aside from the staggering size of those numbers there's soemthing else that can be gleaned from the projection.

Either Apple is projecting iPhone sales to go through the roof when the iPhone 6 launches, or else its going to be giving us something else to lust over as well.

In the quarter to September 2013 Apple's revenues were $37.5bn. That was on the back of record sales of more than 33 million iPhones. Since then Apple's iPad and Mac lines have had decidedly uneven performance, with the general impression being that both are on a downward trend.

As a result Apple need to beat that record iPhone number by anywhere up to four million more iPhones to generate the extra revenue. That would definitely be achievable if Apple has the stock available - and with new OEM partners and the lengthy (and much leaked) manufacturing prototyping that has been undertaken it wouldn't be much of a surprise.

However, the alternative scenario would be the launch of an entirely new product - potentially the rumoured smartwatch.

I know which I'm more excited by.


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