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WP8.1: Cortana Adds Foursquare For Dining Recommendations, Potentially Wider Use

Cortana has had a pretty good reception since arriving in the Windows Phone 8.1 Beta and Microsoft had just released a commercial 'demonstrating' how it outperforms Siri.

Whilst Microsoft plays to its strengths in the video, from my own personal experience Cortana is indeed a more capable personal assistant than Apple's version. Microsoft isn't resting on its laurels either, with Foursquare support being added today, enabling recommendations for what's good around you.

So far I've only seen recommendations for dining options, but potentially the power of Bing and the user data held by Foursquare could add up to some very detailed location notifications around different business types and services. Like asking Cortana to let you know when you're near a florist recommended by your Foursquare friends or just highly rated by visitors in general.

If Foursquare is able to strengthen its knowledge of users with better demographic data we could potentially go further - recommending places based on who likes it. Cortana find me a restaurant recommended for families with kids.

Across the board digital assistants are getting better and better at interacting with the real world, and I'm expecting great strides forward over the next 12-18 months. Next standout date? The arrival of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8.