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iPhone 5S Outsells 5c, Exactly As Expected

Apple is reported to be dropping orders for the colourful iPhone 5c as reports suggest that the iPhone 5S is outselling it by a ratio of three to one. This is either very good news for Apple, very bad news for Apple or, direct correlation to previous iPhone launches.

I'll give you a clue, it's almost certainly the third one, but no-one is talking about that because it doesn't make for dramatic headlines.

Previous iPhone launches have been followed by a very specific set of sales numbers. Its a trend that has been repeated in both 4S and 5 launches; and evidence would suggest that it's certainly happening now too.

In the first quarter that the new iPhone is available demand for the new phone is huge - Apple fans and those just wanting a new iPhone have been holding off for weeks, if not months waiting for the new king to arrive. That pent up demand is released and as a result sales are through the roof, tempered only by the restraint of supply. Given how good Apple has…

HTC One Max: Hefty, Tarnished, Crippled

It's not that the HTC One Max has been a particularly well kept secret, more that there was hope that it would turn out to be more than a bigger One with a ropey implementation of a fingerprint sensor.

Unfortunately that's exactly what it is.

If this is the kind of effort that HTC is relying on to save its bacon then I can tell you, its arse is already in the pan.

For a start the fingerprint sensor. After the elegant simplicity of the iPhone 5S implementation of biometric security it should have been patently obvious that the One Max was going to look ridiculous by comparison. Remove the thing or make it work properly - don't ship garbage in 2013 because nobody is going to accept it.

Other than that we have a bog standard HTC One, stripped of Beats Audio, and force-fed growth hormones. Add the Boomsound speakers to the 5.9" screen and you end up with something large enough to take the crease and expect to knock-up a half decent innings.

Given the success that Samsung…