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Samsung Prevails in the Land of the Long White Cloud

Naturally one of the things that I've been looking at since arriving in New Zealand is the tech landscape. In a country far removed from both Europe and America what would that look like?

Turns out that its a hugely smartphone centric market. The only time I've seen a dumbphone has been on the video reel that plays on the Downtown to Devenport Ferry.

Otherwise everyone appears to have a smartphone and the prevalent brand is Samsung, who I'd estimate own 70-80% of the market based on what I've seen. Apple is a distant second and other than a smattering of Blackberries nothing else gets a look in. No HTCs, no Nokias, no LGs or Sonys.

As far as tablets are concerned Apple turns the tables, with the iPad dominant. Galaxy Tabs are definitely a popular second place though and once again the competition is nowhere.

I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Does the 'two towers' market drive innovation or stifle it? I haven't investigated the retails experi…

This is Auckland Calling

So we moved around the world. But even with a quarter of a tonne baggage allowance (yes, really) there's only so much tech you can justify carrying on an aeroplane. Especially when you've got to get through security clearance.

I narrowed down my travel kit to a few essentials. My MacBook Air 11 and iPad Mini made it onto the plane with me, whilst my Transformer Prime and Acer Timeline were entrusted to the hold. I could only narrow down my phone choice to three, one on my person and two in the baggage (what do you mean that seems excessive?) For entertainment I carried my PS Vita - gaming quality is just a different league from a phone or tablet.

On arrival the first job was to track down local SIM cards with data - best deal seemed to be a Vodafone prepay (difficult to sign a contract with no address or bank cards) which offered 250MB of data with a $20 top-up. Great! Except that Android's super helpful automated tasks caught me out. Google+ and the gallery app ate throug…