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Microsoft Surface Pro: Ownership Review. Part One - Introduction

I've been using the Surface Pro for over three months now and it feels like a good time to review it's performance over that period of time.

Prior to purchasing the Surface Pro my daily workload was distributed across two devices, a MacBook Air 11" and an Asus Windows 8 tablet. This setup worked well, the Asus was powerful enough for my out and about needs, whilst the MBA covered the heavy duty activities, either as a standalone laptop or plugged into a 32" monitor, keyboard and mouse as my desktop.

I did try moving to the Asus as a single device and found that whilst I liked the concept, the execution wasn't right. The Asus uses a single micro-USB port for charging and USB host duties, which means I couldn't really use it for desktop duties without compromising.

Also, the Intel Atom processor. This was powerful enough for tablet duties and even running full Windows applications, however ask it to drive a 1080p external screen and it struggled.

The MBA easil…

It's All Gone Quiet Over Here...

Sorry for the lack of posting over the last few weeks, my real job, plus the arrival of summer in New Zealand, have kept me away from the keyboard.

I'll be posting again shortly, if not quite as frequently as before...