Is It Just Me Or Is iOS 7 Pretty Buggy?

With Apple only having to support their own hardware you'd think that by the time a new upgrade made it to the end user it would be all but perfect. With the iPhone even more so. After all there are only really three old versions of the iPhone supported by the latest iOS release.

So there's not really any excuse for it being anything less than perfect.

That it isn't is pretty obvious and absolutely unacceptable for a company that professes to value user experience above all (except the bottom line, obviously).

The list of known problems is enlightening: ineffective lock screen allowing your photos and dialler to be accessed by anybody who gets their hands on your iPhone; dreadfully reduced battery life, audio glitches with Siri and turn by turn navigation; and of course the ongoing traffic accident that is Apple Maps.

I'm seeing some additional problems which may be unique to my phone, but certainly impact the user experience: dropped calls and poor call quality.

It's a long list for a small phone. And as a result I'm holding off upgrading my iPad Mini for fear of similar issues.

So whilst Android OEMs are inconsistent about pushing out new versions to their phones - often because of the volume of handsets produced - Apple have managed to miss an open goal with both iOS 6 and 7 updates.


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