HTC One X: Sense 5 Quick Review

Quite unexpectedly HTC pushed out an update for the One X (HOX) last week. Bringing Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 it's made quite a difference to the way the phone operates - and my view of Android.

The changes in the latest ROM bring many of the features of the HTC One to the HOX. In use though it's Sense 5 that makes the biggest impression. It's a well thought out interface that leaps ahead of Windows Phone in some respects. In BlinkFeed you have something that closely resembles Microsoft's Modern UI. iOS 6 is left looking prehistoric by comparison.

The HOX has always combined a great screen with a design which is fantastic to hold but the most recent Android ICS upgrade introduced a few problems.

Firstly battery life was greatly reduced and secondly the HOX could get unbearably hot. Both those issues appear to be fixed.

Leaving you to enjoy the very restrained, very slick and quite pretty new version of HTC's new UI. New Android staples like lock screen widgets are also present.

The only disappointment is the absence of new Bluetooth profiles - in particular AVRCP 1.3, which means no track information display on your Bluetooth had unit.

Incredibly, with this update HTC have managed to make the HOX feel like a brand new phone.

Moreover,  by being so good to look at and demonstrating an element of design flair previously missing from Android OEMs HTC have made Android a viable option again.

With new versions of Windows Phone and iOS rolling out shortly it's going to be interesting to see who comes out ahead when the dust settles.


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