Goodbye Nokia, Hello Microsoft

So the inevitable happened and Microsoft has agreed a deal to acquire Nokia's handset business in a €5bn deal. The deal also buys it CEO elect Stephen Elop. Along with 32,000 other staff plus the Lumia and Asha brands.

However it appears that the Nokia brand isn't part of the deal. Microsoft has a four year license to use the name on feature phones but no deal for smartphones.

Now this raises an interesting question. Has Microsoft included a clause which prevents Nokia re-entering the Smartphone market under its own brand? And if so for how long?
The potential for Nokia to come sailing back into the market with an Android or Jolla based device is obvious.

Two other companies who must be affected right now are HTC and BlackBerry. For the latter its best hope for acquisition has been snatched away, whilst the former now faces problems whether it embraces either Android or Windows Phone.

Microsoft has positioned itself to compete directly with Apple. Fire up the popcorn maker this is going to be worth watching!


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