Wii U Sales Flag Trouble Ahead

Nintendo originally projected nine million sales for its new Wii U console at launch. Now almost a year later that figure stands at just over three million and, disastrously, sales for the last quarter amounted to a poor 160,000.

Whilst healthy DS sales kept the company in the black its not hard to see hard times ahead for Nintendo. Mobile gaming is more and more of a smartphone thing and its console future looks bleak.

The problem is very much one of market size. I just don't see the console market supporting three large vendors. As I've said before, Nintendo looks vulnerable with its focus on younger games players who aren't going to be interested in either a console or mobile games platform when iOS devices are cooler, do more and have cheaper titles.

Its time for Nintendo to start thinking about its future as a software developer and begin building a solid catalogue of games to sell on other platforms. 


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