When Did You Last Talk To Your Phone?

Motorola's new Moto X phone its first product since coming under Google's stewardship.

Other than the promise of a high degree of customisability the big selling point is that the Moto X is always listening.

Now, privacy considerations aside (and with recent revelations that amounts to the most crazy of sweeping statements) I'm not convinced that its a great idea.

Firstly, most iPhone owners that I know make little or no use of Siri at all. That's not because Siri works badly. Its just not workable for most users - background noise and self consciousness for a start.

Its not just Apple users either, Samsung and Microsoft both have very usable voice control systems.

So what part of Motorola's permanently open mic is going to persuade users to use it?

We use our phones to talk to other people, not to talk to the technology, don't we?


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