Nokia Making An RT Tablet

Windows RT has been something of a disappointment so far. Sales have been limited and apart from some very specific use cases its hard to see how an RT tablet makes a better purchase than an Intel Atom powered Windows 8 equivalent.

Microsoft's recent price drop on the Surface RT made it a more attractive buy for financial reasons, but not a compelling one.

So the news that Nokia is planning to announce a new tablet running RT as early as next month is something of a surprise - especially as its rumoured to be going head to head with the iPad on price.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal of logic in the decision, however Nokia have done a pretty good job of playing the long game with Windows Phone and perhaps a winning strategy is just waiting an unveiling.

The arrival of RT 8.1 (a name to guarantee even more customer confusion) may add additional functionality and performance to RT, but until a Modern UI version if Office arrives and Microsoft can kill off the desktop in RT, its always going to be seen as a heavily compromised OS.

October 17 is the release date for the 8.1 update, so expect to see the new Nokia tablet on the shelves around the same time.

How long they remain on those shelves remains to be seen...  


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