Global Smartphone Market Belongs To Android

Strategy Analytics report on the smartphone market in Q2 2013 confirms what every other metric is telling us. Android has the smartphone market well and truly wrapped up, with just shy of 80% of all sales.
The more interesting figures are further down the table.

Despite selling more phones than a year ago Apple market share has now dipped under 14%.

And whilst Windows Phone continues its slow but steady growth, BlackBerry has all but disappeared. As has Symbian. Never having been a fan if either I can't say I'm particularly sorry about that.

Can Apple and Microsoft pull back some ground on Android? The new iPhone(s) should give Apple a boost, but they may not ship until the fourth quarter - and in the meantime I wouldn't be surprised to see a fall off in sales as potential buyers wait for the next big thing.

As for Microsoft, the battle for third place in the market looks like it's won, so the company needs to recalibrate its targets. Nokia is currently building the best smartphone hardware in every sector of the market, so if Microsoft can deliver its end of the bargain its entirely possible that the Apple/Google duopoly can be broken.


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