Canalys: China Now Takes One Third Of Smartphone Sales

Year on year the worldwide smartphone market grew by 50% last quarter, with nearly 240m devices reaching customers hands, according to Canalys figures. Massive growth in both China and India promises to shape the market in the future.

Chinese buyers now buy nearly 90m smartphones a year - fuelling a massive rise in sales for local brands. The five biggest Chinese brands now account for 20% of global sales. Both Lenovo and Yulong now feature in the top five OEMs, at third and fourth respectively.

India saw massive gains in the size of its smartphone market, leapfrogging Japan and the UK to become the third largest market behind China and the US.

Its likely that by the time we get the next report in three months time China and India will be responsible for 50% of all smartphone sales.

For manufacturers this means a desperate race to build phones that match the needs of those markets. And that could affect what smartphones reach the rest of us in the coming years.

It could lead to a balkanisation of the smartphone market, with China and India heading in one direction; the US moving in another and Europe following a third course.


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