Blackberry Up For Sale - Who Are The Potential Buyers?

Blackberry's decline has reached a stage now where even its own board doesn't see a way out. Facing a Palm-like death spiral into oblivion (or into the arms of HP, which amounts to the same thing) Blackberry is now courting buyers. But who might be interested?

Of the platform owners Google, Apple and Microsoft have invested heavily in their own product, so it seems unlikely that the lure of Blackberry's enterprise software and handset messaging will draw them into the bidding, unless its for the purposes of shuttering the service.

HP should have had their hands burnt often enough now to stay away. Dell has enough problems of its own right now.

So who has the desire and funds to develop a new platform?

Lenovo has the funds and is delivering great smartphone growth at the moment. Does it need, or even want to take on the challenge? Would any Android OEM want to take it on, given the flexibility to deliver great products on Android? The only one with any kind of motivation is probably Samsung, which has shown the desire to develop its own OS in the past. Google's close relationship with Motorola may persuade the Korean giant to diversify its smartphone offerings onto a proven - if damaged platform.

What about outside of the current smartphone sphere? Well how about Yahoo? Marissa Meyer has shown that she's not afraid to spend the money to buy up services and Yahoo needs its own smartphone tablet platform if it really wants to compete with Google and Microsoft. It would be a make or break move, but one which gets Yahoo a solid fourth place in the smartphone market and the opportunity to start driving the brand into places where it doesn't have a great reach - mobiles and tablets.

Or what about Amazon. The Kindle has been a great success and there have long been rumours of a Kindle phone. Amazon has the scale and history of successful execution that suggests that it could use a Blackberry phone to disrupt the current duopoly.

So Samsung, Yahoo or Amazon. What do you think?


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