Apple Looking At Large Screen Tablets, But For Which Platform?

So it's looking like Apple is planning on competing in the race for screen inches, with several industry insiders reporting larger screen test devices appearing. I think its a good bet that a larger screened iPhone will appear sooner or later.

What's rather more interesting are the rumours of Apple looking at 13" touch screens.

If this turns out to be true I just can't see the device destined to use them being an iPad. At 9.7" the iPad has already reached the limits of both an iOS powered device and a tablet first design.

So if it's not destined for an iPad, where will Apple be using such a large touchscreen?

My guess is that the next MacBook Air will be a hybrid device, much like the Asus Transformer and HP Envy Split.

Its importance for Apple can't be understated. iPad sales were down last quarter (when did that last happen to a mainstream Apple product?) and Windows managed to take a good chunk of the market.

And with Microsoft's latest advertising campaign directly targeting the iPad that's a situation where Apple need to be wary.

Windows OEMs have a whole raft of choice when it comes to tablets and hybrids. The exact same model that Android has followed to overtake the iPad.

And as Microsoft's adverts demonstrate Windows on a tablet is a lot more usable and functional than iOS or Android.

OS X, on the other hand, is a completely different animal...


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