Apple and Publishers Fight DoJ Recommendations On Price Fixing Punishment

Having been found guilty of colluding to fix prices and stifle competition in the ebook market you would expect that Apple and its co-conspirators were facing a pretty hefty hammering from the DoJ - and in its recommendations the DoJ has put forward some pretty serious punishments for Apple's part in the scam.

Unsurprisingly Apple have argued against the punishment (in the same way that it argued, in the face of a preponderance of evidence, that it was completely innocent) and has now been supported by the publishers in this argument.

Really? Your co-conspirators have sided with you in arguing against your punishment... how refreshingly considerate of them!

I think there's an opportunity here for the courts to redress some of the monopolistic tendencies that Apple have displayed since the launch of iOS. In particular the requirement for third parties to pay Apple a cut of in-app purchases. I'm particularly annoyed that I can't buy books through the Kindle app on my iPhone or iPad, a result of Apple's abuse of its position.

Imagine where we'd have been if Microsoft had been able to do the same thing with Windows in the past?

And its not hard to see that the direction of travel for Mac OS X is going to deliver exactly the same controls for desktop Mac users too.


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