You Need Wibbitz On Your iPhone

The aren't many apps that are truly ground breaking - most are generally riffs on an existing theme. Wibbitz however is probably the first since Flipboard to make me say, wow, this is a game changer.

That both apps are in the news category is probably of note. Perhaps its a result of the constant 'drama' of 24-hour news coverage, where the smallest event is treated like the end of the world and flogged like a dead horse for hour after appalling hour (your probably guessing that I'm not a fan of 24 hour news services), but like Flipboard, Wibbitz changes your relationship with the news.

The premise of the app is simple. It takes a news feed (just Reuters for the moment, but that's a pretty good place to start) and delivers an audio read through of the headlines supported by a slideshow of images related to the story. If something is of interest a quick swipe up will get you the story detail and a reel of images and associated graphics related. Its a tool that works really well.

At the moment the early version is limited by the restricted number of feeds - although I'm sure that with popularity will come more partners - and the ability to cusotmise those feeds to topics and keywords of interest to you.

I find its a real boon on my morning commute to work and with my iPhone a short hand's stretch away from the steering wheel a great way of catching up with what's going on without being assailed with the banalities of radio DJs.

This link (should) take you through to the apps store download if you want to try it out for yourself.


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