WP8.1: Seriously Microsoft, Don't Feck This One Up

Windows Phone is on the cusp of receiving its first major update, almost a year since it first appeared on the scene. Whatever else Microsoft delivers in this update it needs to fix a problem that has existed since the very first WP7 launch: no systemwide rotation control.

We've been through several updates since then and still Microsoft fails to recognise the importance and utility of being able to lock a handset to portrait or landscape rotation. Both iOS and Android do this properly. Microsoft force individual developers to implement rotation lock on a per app basis.

This is crazy.

Especially when different screens of the same app support rotation differently. Even some of Microsoft's own apps are guilty of this. The end result is that users end up dancing the phone from landscape to portrait and back again in an extremely annoying attempt to get things done.

And you can imagine how that looks to potential switchers.

We've gone through WP7, WP7.1, WP7.5, WP7.8 and now WP8 with no fix. There is no excuse for WP8.1 not to fix this.

Failure will not be tolerated.


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