WP8 'Blue' To Support 1080p Screens

Windows Phone 8 bumped up screen resolution support to 720p levels when it was introduced late last year. Currently most Windows Phones still run at WVGA resolution, with only a handful of top end devices from Nokia, HTC and Samsung supporting the extra resolution.

In the last three months Android devices running 1080p screens have become commonplace and as a result Microsoft looks set to support the higher resolution in the next version of Windows Phone, codenamed Blue but likely to launch as 8.1.

Its good news for cross-platform OEMs like Samsung and HTC, who will be able to benefit from the economies of scale that standardisation gives them, whilst for Nokia its likely to lead to yet another highly desirable flagship device. Although with the long awaited Pureview Lumia just days from announcement its unlikely to be on the shelves in this round of releases.

Source: WP Central