Standards? Apparently We Don't Need Know Stinking Standards

That seems to be the motto for Google and Apple right now. Chromecast and Airplay are two examples of a step in the wrong direction for the collective good. At least Google's announcement of Chromecast yesterday suggested that it would be mostly platform agnostic.

However when a perfectly good standard already exists its disappointing that it doesn't get used. DLNA was put together for exactly this reason, allowing devices from different manufacturers to talk wirelessly for the streaming of content.

Look at how well Bluetooth has worked by implementing a standards based communications protocol and then expanding this with new versions to accomodate new technologies and functionality. Perhaps the difference is that Bluetooth got big enough before Apple did and didn't have to deal with a competing, non-proprietry Aple product.

Companies have recognised that the route to success is through locking customers into their technology. Unfortunately it appears that customers either don't understand how that hurts them or are happy to give up their freedoms for short term gratification.


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