Pandora: Impressed With Radio Service

Like many of you out there, music is a major use case for my smartphone. As a minimum, its gets daily usage in the car on my daily commute and in the office to drown out the background distractions of an open plan office when I need to concentrate on getting things done..

I hate radio stations. With a passion. The drivel that some of the feckless idiots who call themselves DJs spout should be enough to put anybody off.

So how do I discover new music? After all life would be pretty boring if your music collection was a static object fixed at a point in time. In the past I've used, Spotify and Deezer. With varying degrees of success.

This week I've been making use of Pandora and I've been more than a little impressed.

Fire up the app, enter an artist name and sit back and listen to a radio station showcasing similar artists. So far, so standard. The difference comes from the quality of the match between the selected artist and those on the playlist. Pandora just seems to make a much better job of it.

Definitely worth a try if you're using a similar service.


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