Microsoft Needs A Nokia For Windows 8

Surface Pro - The most innovative
hardware for Windows 8?
Windows Phone is starting to show signs of vitality in the smartphone market, with sales up from 5 million a year ago to 8.4 million in the most recent reported results.

The difference has been Nokia, which now accounts for 85% of Windows Phone sales by volume.

That's been the result of innovative design, focused marketing and clever differentiation around smartphone camera capability. Nokia's efforts have made Windows Phone relevant and the perfect solution for buyers wary of Android and bored with Apple.

Microsoft need a Nokia for the desktop.

Normally the cutting edge of desktop class machines would be coming from Sony or Dell. Perhaps with a side helping of some off the wall HP design. Windows 8 demanded that OEMs went into their design centres and came back out with innovative products that showcased the new interface and made Windows 8 the cool kid on the block.

And whilst we've seem some nice convertible and all-in-one designs, the majority of Windows 8 laptops are the same boring plastic designs that came out a year ago. The best machines are still riffing on Apple's MacBook Air design theme - and that's more than two years old.

Right now it feels like Microsoft needs to approach B&O or someone of that ilk and persuade them to design something which is worthy of Modern UI and its new way of working.


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