Linux: Is It Going To Eat Itself?

Open source is a great example of the human condition at its best. People with skills and knowledge building tools for the betterment of all - pro bono for software development if you like.

On the other hand some of the individuals involved in the development of the Linux Kernel come off as being at the 'locked in a dark room' end of the social scale. Which can make for some pretty hostile environments for collaboration.

Evidence would suggest that this hostile environment propagates from the top of the tree, with Linus Torvalds promoting the atmosphere of antagonism and berating even his closest generals in choice language.

Now, given how far Linux has come in the last two decades, its hard to argue that Torvalds doesn't know what he's doing. However, even in the strange clique that makes up the Kernel group I doubt that such an atmosphere is conducive to getting the best results.

Certainly this article from Ars Technica would suggest that some, at least, are struggling with the environment.


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