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I Think I'm Over Android

Up until recently I had a pretty solid foot in the Android camp, probably more like a foot and a half. My phone was a Galaxy Note 2 and my tablet a Transformer Prime (with a side helping of Apple iPad Mini). The Transformer Prime was even doing most of my desktop duties too, with the heavy lifting handed off to a MacBook Air when required.

Its strange then, to find that I'm entering my third month of not using an Android device in anger at all.

The decision to buy an iPhone 5 was key to the change. For a while I was an all-Apple user, juggling iPhone, iPad and MacBook to create a seamless environment.

Only it didn't. iCloud is still pretty unreliable and Mac OS X still lacks the complete set of applications that I use. I switched from Mac OS X to Windows 7 and then, Windows 8.

I've now switched from a three to a two screen solution. With an Asus Windows 8 tablet taking the role of tablet, desktop and laptop (depending on what I plug into its USB and HDMI ports) and my phone needs fully catered for by the iPhone 5. I just don't need an Android device right now.

More interestingly, I've tried both HTC One and Galaxy S4 and been tempted by neither. And when I've powered up anything Android - to look at new apps or try out new tricks - I've had no desire to carry on using it after completing the specific task required. I can't see anything on the horizon likely to change that either.

Its a turnaround that works for me. Maybe not so well for Google if I'm not the only one...