F1: Silverstone Tragi-comedy Results From Parochial Choices

Pirelli must be wondering why it ever put itself in the position of sole supplier to the F1 circus. In doing so it has exposed itself to ridicule and vitriol even though it has been delivering exactly the tyre formula asked of it.

Never was that more apparent than after Sunday's British Grand Prix. A succession of tyre failures left the Italian rubber company the fall guy for errors made all through the sport's governance.

And with all that metal reinforced tyre carcass flying around we were fortunate not to see a repeat of Felipe Massa's horrible 2009 accident, the extreme reactions of several drivers being the dividing line between serious injuries and the race passing off mostly without incident.

Pirelli has been asking for changes to the tyre formula for a while now. Since it became clear that, in acquiescing to the sports overlords demands for a tyre that degraded quicker than tyres former supplier Bridgestone delivered, Pirelli had actually delivered a product of questionable durability. Not something you want on a 200mph projectile surrounded by marshalls, fans and other drivers.

Pirelli's request to deliver more durable tyres was vetoed by three teams who, by virtue of their ability to run their tyres lightly were performing better relative to their opponents. Those three, Ferrari, Lotus and Force India, were guilty of putting their own sporting interests ahead of driver safety and the results at Silverstone could have been catastrophic.

The sport has now relented and as a result testing of the Pirelli tyres will occur at Silverstone this week, with a view to delivering a safe product for the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.

F1 is a dangerous sport. Putting those involved at additional risk that can be avoided is to be frowned upon. And whilst there can be no sporting penalty for the actions of the three teams responsible, it should also be true that some of the media ire being directed at Pirelli be redirected in their direction too.


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