F1: Pirelli Tightens Belts To Avoid German Blowouts

After hitting back at criticism received over the puncture ridden farce at last weekend's British Grand Prix - the blame for which the tyre company laid squarely at the team's doors - Pirelli have made urgent (and largely untried) changes to the tyre construction of its products to be used at this weekend's German Grand Prix.

The fix involves bonding the tread currently in use with Kevlar belts and inner construction from 2012 tyres.

Which would be all well and good if there had been sufficient testing to warrant that the tyres constructed this way were any less susceptible to failures than the ones at Silverstone. One session of testing, at the relatively easy Canadian Grand Prix circuit, doesn't fill me with confidence that this is the case.

The following race at Hungary may well end up being run on the 2012 tyres full stop, after which a planned tyre test at Silverstone (replacing the original Young Driver Test) should produce a more permanent solution.

Historically, when talk turns to tyres in F1 its a sign that we're having a poor season. With drivers coasting around a dozen seconds off their qualifying pace, or being constantly asked to ease up on their tyres, we've seen some dreadful racing this year.

Hopefully the coming changes will put an end to that.


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